Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. Creating music is an art that can be acquired with dedication and passion. Artists express their emotions and feelings through music, and our world is full of such talented individuals. While creating and recording music generally requires a professional studio, in today’s modern world we are blessed to have advanced and affordable technology with which any artist can create a perfect and professional recording studio at home. And with the pandemic forcing us all indoors, it is the perfect time to create and set-up a home recording studio. This will let us create amazing music from the comfort of our houses and spread positivity and joy. So, we will give you steps on how you can create a perfect recording studio at home with the latest and best affordable equipment, and prepare our musical platform for 2021.

In order to set-up a recording studio at home, you need certain equipment and components. So let’s get started!

  1. A Fast and Efficient Computer/Laptop

The first step in setting up your home recording studio is to get a fast and efficient modern computer or laptop, as the majority of work will be done on your computer. Make sure to select an optimal computer for your set-up which has sufficient ram, ample storage, a modern processor, good graphics card, and overall has compatible and modern components. You can even opt for a MacBook as they are pretty fast and have great performance. So use a modern and efficient computer/laptop. The recommended specifications for your computer are –

• 8 GB Ram
• 4 GB graphics Card
• Latest Intel i5 or i7 processor/ any other modern processor
• 1 TB of Storage
• Overall Quick Performance

  1. Professional Digital Audio Workstation Now after you are done setting up your computer, the next step is to get a Digital Audio Workstation often known as DAW. This is the software on which you shall edit, mix, master, and basically do everything with the audio you record. There are various DAW’s available out there with incredible features, but its basic function is to provide you with a platform on which you can record audio, record live sound, manage your instruments and mix them with sound effects and various other features. When selecting a DAW, make sure to get one that suits your needs and is easy and comfortable to use. Some latest and feature-rich DAW’s that we recommend are-

• Avid Pro Tools
• Apple Logic
• Abelton Live
• Reaper

  1. Professional Audio Interface

Now, after setting up your pc and DAW, the next step is to get a proper audio interface. An audio interface is required to record the instruments that you play like the guitar or piano, and also it records your vocals as one needs a proper audio interface to plug in the microphones and instruments. It also provides you with quality output for your speakers. What an audio interface does is it converts all the live sound into a digital version via its output plugins. It is a necessary and essential part of any recording studio. We recommend that you check out these latest audio interfaces –

• Universal Apollo Twin
• Scarlett 2i2
• Steinberg UR44
• Roland Octa-Capture

  1. Headphones, Microphones, and Speaker Monitors

After you are all set with your DAW, computer, and audio interface, it is time to complete your home recording studio with the following equipment. A professional studio-quality pair of headphones, Premium microphone, and speaker monitors. Headphones offer phenominal audio quality with perfect beats, and the feature to work in silence at your home. Microphones help record audio and pick up each and every sound, creating wonderful music. And to hear and analyze the music you create, you need a proper set of speaker monitors which will fit your workspace. These speakers provide better and optimized audio quality as compared to regular speakers, thus providing you an edge while recording your music. They provide detailed, crisp, and crystal clear audio. Overall these components complete a recording studio. Some speaker monitors that we recommended checking out are –

• Yamaha HS5s
• KRK G2 5s
• Adam Audio A7X
• JBL LSR 305

Studio headphones that we recommend are –

• Sennheiser HD 650
• Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
• Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO-250
• AKG Q 701

Microphones that we recommend are –

• Shure SM58
• Rode NT1A
• Sennheiser MD421
• Neumann TLM 102


Now, after you are all set with your professional home recording studio, go ahead and start utilizing your musical talents to create amazing melodies from the comfort of your home! We recommend creating a separate space for your studio where there are no distractions and overall has a peaceful environment.