The world of music is a vast ocean of various components, all working together in harmony to create a balanced yet dynamic arena. Music production is a part of this universe, and like any other aspect of music, it involves various stages and levels. Music production has a lot of components within it, but its core or main ingredients are songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering. Basically, music production is creating a song from its idea stage, which can be a chord progression, written lyrics, a melody, and creating it into an audio recording for everyone to hear and enjoy via digital media. So, we’re going to explain the four components of music production and hope it will help you evolve in your music journey!

• Song Writing
Songwriting is a process in which you write and create the lyrics, melodies and chord progressions. It is the core or starting stage of any audio recording and is the most crucial one. Your entire song depends on how you create the lyrics and melodies. This process also involves creating the structure of a song, like an intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. All these aspects are involved in the songwriting stage and the body and frame of a song is created in this process.

• Recording
The next step is recording your song. Many artists record their songs with a guitar or piano and use microphones and other audio capturing devices to record the vocals and instruments perfectly. This stage is where your song takes a physical form wherein people can actually hear it and experience your creation. Music recording nowadays is done and stored on computers and various software’s are used to edit and process the recording.

• Mixing
After you are done with the recording of your song, the next step is to mix and enhance your recording. This process involves cleaning up the recordings by removing noise, matching audios, correcting pitch, and adjusting the time and blending the sounds together to create a clean and melodious recording. This process balances your recording and makes it cohesive.

• Mastering
Now, after you are done with the entire process of recording and mixing your song, and you are happy with the result, the next step is to create a master copy that will enable you to distribute your song. This way you create an original master copy from which all other duplicate copies can be made. With digital streaming services being the most popular method of distributing music nowadays, the audio recording that you upload there is considered as the master copy of your song.
So all together combined, the songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering are the technical aspects and processes of music production. Producing music involves a lot of research, dedication, and hard work. Finding the components and instruments for recording, mixing and mastering your audio and making sure everything is on point is a creative yet interesting process. So with this information, we hope that your knowledge about music production has expanded and this information will benefit you in your music career.