Planet Dallas is a popular recording studio serving artists since 1975. Located in Carrollton, Texas, Planet Dallas has been providing world-class services to bands and artists alike. Working on both a local and national scale, they are dedicated to helping music artists. The studio offers recording facilities for a plethora of music genres. Be it rock, pop, country, metal, or orchestras, Planet Dallas can cater to it all.

Years of Experience

Recording music is an art that has several aspects. From recording, mixing, mastering, to live sound production, Planet Dallas has everything covered. With over a hundred years of experience in music production, they offer world-class services to artists. This recording studio specializes in music production, ranging from demo projects to major record company releases. Offering a unique blend of professionalism and atmosphere, they have helped several artists create history.

Professional Music Recording

Offering a professional atmosphere and world-class recording equipment, Planet Dallas can help artists reach their full potential. They also specialize in offering audio solutions for concerts, corporate meetings, and special events. With a high level of attention to detail, they ensure the end result is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

Planet Dallas is a multi-specialty recording studio that offers several services. This includes studio recording, live sound production, mixing, installations, and mastering. Their highly qualified and experienced team allows them to provide solutions for the utmost of demanding projects. Having served artists and bands for over forty years, Planet Dallas has helped thousands of projects come to life and create music history.

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