Waves develops and supplies professional digital audio signal processing software and technologies. They also produce audio effects and audio plugins appropriate for mixing, recording, mastering, live sound, and broadcast. Based in Tel Aviv, the company has spread its presence globally to the US, Taiwan, and China. In addition, they have development facilities in India and Ukraine. Since their initial release of the Soundgrid technology in 2010, the company has become a staple in high-quality audio production. Some of its brands like Maxx are popular among big companies like Dell, Toshiba, Sony, and OnePlus and more.

Waves is mainly known for its wide range of VST/AU/AAX mixing effects with which you can boost your recordings. There is no denying that refining your tunes is the most challenging part of making a track. To make the recordings sound as crispy and high quality as possible, Waves provides a wide range of mixing plugins. Their plugins help you get the audio quality just like you want it. While a digital audio workstation will come preloaded with some basic plugins, Waves lets you take it a notch higher. Installing third-party Waves Audio Plugins give you that extra level of performance you would otherwise miss and for a limited time you can receive a 10% discount by using this [coupon code] [YNY23].

Plugins like Waves InPhase allow for a thorough phase correction, while the Waves Submarine facilitates deep bass. This is all thanks to its dual subharmonic generator. Moreover, Waves Torque allows for comprehensive drum tone shifting. Waves offers plenty of other features, such as Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay. Best of all, they come with a permanent license.

Waves are DSP mavens. And if audio production is your business, it pays to know the best equipment you can get. For more news and information about music production, check out our website.