The Komplete 13 Bundle from Native Instruments is one of the best music production suites for artists and music producers. The latest Komplete 13 bundle includes some great additions that make it a perfect choice for any music producer. With flagship synths, an immersive platform, unique sampled instruments, and a vast range of sounds, the Komplete 13 is a feature-rich package that will cater to all your needs. What’s more, is that this bundle also comes along with a production tool-kit that features the new Guitar Rig 6 Pro, Super 8, Noire, Cuba, and many more tools. Overall, the vast variety of features that the Komplete 13 offers is true value for money and it can take your music production to a whole new level. So let’s check out what’s new in this music production suite bundle from Native Instruments. 

Benefits and Advantages of the Komplete 13 Bundle

The Komplete 13 bundle is a great choice for music producers of any genre. The reason this is a complete solution to all your music needs is the vast variety of features and instruments it offers. The range of instruments it has to offer is vast and extensive. Some advantages of the Komplete 13 Bundle are –

  • 36,000+ Sounds – The Komplete 13 bundle offers various sound-creation platforms like the MASSIVE X, KONTAKT, REAKTOR, GUITAR RIG 6, and more in a single pack. With the additional sound effects, expansions, and play series, it will allow you to reach your true potential when creating music.
  • Caters to All Genres – Whether you create EDM music or Hip Hop, the Komplete 13 bundle has everything for every music genre. From beats to soothing instrumentals to underground music, the possibilities are endless with this music production suite. 
  • Easy Installation and Updates – The Komplete 13 bundle is really easy to install and update over time. Additionally, you have the option of opting for a physical copy which is provided in an HDD. Or, if you prefer a digital version, the software is available right away after you purchase it and can be installed easily onto your computer.
  • Cost-Effective –  The Komplete 13 Bundle is a great choice when you compare its cost to other platforms and is true value for money. At $599, this is one of the best music production suites that you can buy. With all the features and included platforms, it is a bang for your buck!

Why go with the Komplete 13 Bundle?

The reason you should choose the Komplete 13 Bundle is the various sound building platforms it offers. The builder platforms in Komplete 13 are perfect for creating any instrument you can imagine. The KONTAKT 6 has advanced sampling and instruments from Native and many other major manufacturers. When it comes to syntheses, REAKTOR 6 has a versatile and modular platform that will allow building synths, effects, and much more.

Additionally, there are 14 synthesizers included in the bundle that has cutting-edge technology offering a seamless and wonderful experience. What’s more, is that there is a vast library of 30 sampled instruments that have been curated from various musical genres and musical traditions. From the mesmerizing piano styles of Noire and Una Corda to the traditional and raw sounds of West Africa, Cuba, and the Middle East, the possibilities are endless! 

We highly recommend that you check out the Komplete 13 Bundle by Native Instruments. This is a great music production suite that has every imaginable music instrument and several wonderful platforms to build sounds and create perfect melodies. So, go ahead and check out this fantastic bundle and take your music career to whole new heights!