PreSonus Studio One is a digital audio workstation that allows a fast workflow in music-making and audio recording. PreSonus’s latest version features fantastic chord and pattern-based composition tools. It also includes extensive mastering tools, including the ability to import/export DDP. It also makes it easy to lay down beats and recording audio. This software works like a fully-fledged audio workstation in its feature-rich free version. It is a serious audio editing platform for professionals looking for alternatives.

There are three versions of Studio One. The basic Prime version serves up basic plug-in effects, drag &drop editing, and compiling. It also has unlimited audio and midi tracks and a Presence XT sampler with approximately 1.5GB of instruments. You get more tools on the paid Artists and Professional versions. These include editing tools, track folders, and Mai Tai Modelling synth, etc.

The user interface is simple, and getting started is easy. Especially if you are coming from another digital audio workstation, you can set up your favorites keyboard shortcuts to make the transition smoother. You enjoy low latency monitoring, ease of operation, and a comprehensive mixer that gives you plenty of control. The free version is open to all. However, its compatibility and functionality making it a suitable alternative for many pro-level DAW’s.