Sunset Sound is an iconic recording studio located in Hollywood, California. Founded by Tutti Camarata, Director of Recording at Disney, the project started in 1958. Located at 6650 Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Sound offers “High quality in a historical custom setting”. The legendary recording studio has been in operation for more than sixty years with over three hundred gold albums.  

Disney & Sunset Sound

Encouraged by Walt Disney himself, Tutti Camarata founded Sunset Sound in 1958. After its inception, the recording studio was used for Disney productions exclusively. This includes several popular films like Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and 101 Dalmations. Over three hundred gold records have been recorded at this iconic studio located in Hollywood. This includes parts of the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main St. parts of Prince’s Purple Rain. and parts of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy, amongst several others. 

The Iconic Recording Studio

Being one of the oldest recording studios in Hollywood, Sunset Sound has a three-room facility that has served several legendary artists and bands. This includes The Doors, Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, and The Beach Boys. Several modern contemporary artists have also recorded at Sunset Sound. Artists like Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, The Black Heys, The Dixie Chicks, and several others have also recorded at the iconic recording studio. 

Sunset Sound has also been a favorite of several Jazz icons such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. Plus, artists like Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston, Neil Young, and Rod Stewart have also recorded at Sunset Sound. As time progressed, Sunset Sound became one of the most popular recording studios in Hollywood. Eventually, Sunset Sound also purchased “The Sound Factory” in 1981. The Sound Factory is another recording studio located in Los Angeles. Sunset Sound has been in business for more than sixty years. Offering a rustic and authentic experience to artists, Sunset Sound is truly a legendary recording studio.

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